Love Song

January 6, 2011
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You doing the thangs that you do
Making me feel so brand new OoOoh
Never knew I could feel this way
Just let me say that i'll always stay-ay
As I remember that day I met you
From the beginning I knew that you were for me
Do not know if it was your very hard that you did you to my
Oh the pleasure was so pleased that you made me feel
The truth is that I will never forget
And motot
Because you
I saw life in another sense
Your cove me to live life differently
And show the loser is the one that conforms
You unfold the limit that I had
Simply because you're all that I wanted
A beautiful woman, a perfect lover
Incomparable be with a look of arriabadante
You always hear me everything I was saying
And although at times selfish but I knew
And without knowing I never knew what you were feeling
And confudistes my and my joys Problems
Perhaps time for when I'm with you
But is that time again when I am with you always
I want you to know and remember what I say
Prophet I am your lover and am also your friend.

As you may always have you in my arms
And forget all the bad weather and all my fracazos
And time to stop kissing me
And again see you next to me and caress
amas forget the day I first kiss
It was a deja-vu I will caress you and that kiss
I essentially joined me and that only you
Setting my life your presence and even more than that
Love forget you because you changed my life
With your smile and your advice is in contrast
You may not know all the good you did your my
And that's the reason why I and a sadness cuse
Maybe and tell you everything I feel
But I find no words to explain this
I just know he is special what I feel for you
If I ever offended you forgive me sorry

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