January 6, 2011
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Is approaching the end of our days
unexpected situations such as solve a puzzle
therefore little need for completion
chest beating, a sentence,
is not the way to earn salvation
situations, unpredictable
implausible prophecies
start your days are terrible
I'm never forget Dyablo
the 'Destrukxion' global mystery disappears
psychosis World's End
mystery is a hopeless
Poor people are dying
is not a dream, are living
Think this will I hear?
good people is dying
gradually fading
my destiny is being consumed
my enemies are suffering
and envy are twisting

Never feel less than other people for being poor
we are humble united by love but no money on us
many people think they can judge
have the black soul to think they are saints
between the slums I have lived
because I grew up poor mind
why I live as I live
I am determined not to suffer as I have never been
I tell you I'm tired
to see how my people are fighting among themselves
we have to fight very hard and we must unite as brothers
We Latinos are Mexican sovereign
living better as each day we must live
as the last day of your life
Revelation a prophet
people in the world crisis
looks at the net, they all fear death
this fear you have inside your body and your mind
never seek it, one comes suddenly
the only certainty in life is death
no matter if you have money
you're ready, you're careless
always sudden
live life as it comes just
is this what matters always keep that in mind
get what you want, and what you plan
but in this life but never give up
because it ends after death
so we go, ready for whatever comes in front
is the target that moves like a toy
Death stalks us all the time like a reptile
harmless as a rabbit to her infant
we can not avoid it, nor can we control
there is no way to stop
many people who wanted to see me destroyed
between this concrete jungle has disappeared
ambition that causes the man's betrayal
is an unforgivable action is wrong
people no longer think of the pain of others
respect and much less on the things that is alien
or great lord I ask you to help me
in situations of this life to forgive me
Do not forget me!

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