Words of the Heart

January 1, 2011
My mouth is smiling
My body is screaming
My heart is floating
I feel like I’m dreaming

My mouth has no say
My body no control
My heart runs it all
And I can feel it taking its toll

Then you leave
Then you disappear
Then you drift away
I just want you near

My mouth has lost the words
My body is in slow motion
My conscience is reaping the guilt
From all my hearts commotion.

My mouth wants a kiss
My body wants your hand
My heart wants your heart
Why can’t you be my man

For you I’d never give up
For you I’d try
For you I’d do anything
Just to make you my guy

My mouth tenses
My body cries
My heart stops
Without you I feel like I’ll die

My mouth is quiet
My body is still
My heart is waiting
And it always will

For you to come back
For you to see
For you to understand
That we’re meant to be

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