All I Can Remember

December 29, 2010
By AhxmyxCabbages BRONZE, Salem, Massachusetts
AhxmyxCabbages BRONZE, Salem, Massachusetts
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well look out the window down the road
you'll see me walking , slowly approaching
i was lost, i was just searching
for a clue to pop out, fall from the sky

all i can remember
is an icy storm brewing in her eyes
gotta watch where yea look,she has the means to hypnotize
there so beautiful and clear

well you'll see me cross'in over field's
see me down by the brook, walking on water
all i need to grab is a clue
[whoa] honey will i ever find you

all i can remember
is your brown colored hair
gotta watch out she'll grab your heart, an keep you there
so beautiful and clear

well look out for the girl with heavens voice
she's so beautiful and amazing, but bad at choice's
but you'll see in the end it works out
you can really love her beyond any doubt

all i can remember
is the smile on her face
all i can remember

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