Looking for You

December 16, 2010

I look around for your face.
I long to feel your embrace.
Will I find you in this place?
Or do I have to go to space?

Verse 1:
I look to the left.
Are you here?
I look to the right.
Are you near?
I look all around.
Is this fear inside?


Verse 2:
I look to the sky.
Will you fly by?
I look to the ground.
Are you safe and sound?
I look all around.
Look who I found!

I finally found your face.
And now I’m in your embrace.
I knew I’d find you in this place.
I didn’t even go to space.

Verse 3:
So now you’re here.
You’ll never leave me.
Now you’re near,
You’ll never flee.
And if I look
And you’re not near,
Baby just guess what I’ll do.

I’ll look around for your face
because I long for your embrace.
I know I’ll find you in this place.
I never have to go to space.
Oh no

The author's comments:
This was written as a Christmas surprise for my dad and Boyfriend

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