Our Symphony.

December 26, 2010
Standing on the edge
staring into oblivion.
Will I be pulled under?
Sea-winds lash my face
can't hesitate,make the choice.
Shall I come into your sea
drown in your cacophony?
Can I reach down into the deep
and find what it is I seek?
Become part of the music and thread
my way into your symphony
Verse 2
Melodies float around
almost deafaning, blinding,overwhelming this garden you created.
Is there really a place so perfect or will the spell break
when you release me?
Verse 3
No matter how I try to hide
you work your way inside.
Pulled in and led through the maze
not seeing your pretense
slowly coming to strange sense.
I thought there'd be a place for me
where I could learn to care
this wasn't what it seemed to be,
turns out I'dalways been there.
Two antiphons into one
the same song always sung.
Still on the cliff, our symphony
played out in so many directions.
Do I jump?

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