Heart Breaker

December 26, 2010
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You said you would prefer me over her
You thought I was one those pretty little things
Thanks for getting my hopes up just to crash me right down
How could you just break my little heart when you knew
You knew how I felt about you
So that's the last time I'll ever pour my heart out to anybody
And that's the last time I'll ever let myself fall for somebody

And I hope your happy with her 'cause your just a....
Heart Breaker you
Little faker I
Regret all the tears I cried over you and
Brandon baby I know you
Think I'm crazy but
you know that I'm not because your the
Heart Breaker

Do you even know why I said all those mean things and lost control
It's because you drove me mad with the way you'd flirt with me right after you hurt me
So that caused me to be hating you just because I loved you
You little user,You little loser
Did you have fun with my "best friend" behind my back?
I thought maybe I should cut you some slack but now I see what you are

And Oh by the way guess what? guess what?
I'm totally over you now!
Go ahead go ahead and take a bow
I found someone else who's nothing like you but still I
Hope you know that because of you I'm still scared I'm still scared
I'm still....scared
3 days that all it took to fall for you
3 days that all it took for you to go and change your mind
Just know if you didn't screw up you could have been mine

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