I Loved You

December 24, 2010
By Caveman19 BRONZE, Rogers, Ohio
Caveman19 BRONZE, Rogers, Ohio
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Here I am again singing in the rain,
Hoping it washes away all the pain.
This heart of mine needs mended,
Thanks to all the hopes and dreams of mine you've ended.

This is my last request
before I lay my mind to rest.
So here I stay with my heart in my hands,
you laugh and point at the place where i stand.

Breaking and crumbling as it falls away,
there's nothing left of my love by the next day.

You stare and laugh as all i do is cry,
though stopping won't happen until my eyes are dry.
You grab my heart and throw it to the ground,
your laughter drowning out it's very last sound.

These tears running a mess on my face,
sp I'll dwell in the sadness here in my place.
All that i wanted was for you to know,
just how i felt when you chose to go.

It's the ripping to pieces and shreds of my love,
they still sit beating when push comes to shove.
I want you to hear that it's running askew,
screaming and shouting the words,
"I Loved You!"

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