Mountains Painted Blue

December 29, 2010
By Anonymous

I am so lost in the Valley/
Of the Shadow of Death, but I can find/
That even in the darkest of hours/
I will have comfort/
When I recall what is mine/

That simple country hymn or that worn foot trail/
My home in the valley livin' through high water and hell/
No matter where I am this will always ring true/
My roots are here with them mountains painted blue/

Sometimes I'd love to quit and say "it's done"/
Life's far too tough and lacks a whole bunch of fun/
But Uncle Rifle always used to say/
Buck up, we're hard working, honest, and true/
And we reside where the mountains are painted blue/

We sing simple country hymns, walk the old foot trails/
We live in the valley, and been through high water and hell/
No matter where we go/
This will always ring true/
Our roots are here with the mountains painted blue/

I've heeded all of my uncle's advice/
For me, no other locality will suffice/
Than the misty hills of my homeland/
Not even beaches of white sand will do/
For I will always stay with hills,and the mountains painted blue

The author's comments:
This song is based on my family in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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