Fly Away

December 23, 2010
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They can't reach you where you are
The farthest corner of your mind
They can't see behind your stars
Baby, they can't cross your lines

But still you keep on running
Trying to find a place to hide
Well, if you want some place stunning
Baby, look into your eyes

Oh, baby, stop
You don't need to run away
No, baby, stop
You don't need to find a sunny day
Hey, baby, stop
No more looking at the sky
Oh, baby, go
Just take off and fly
Take off and fly
Fly away

When you regret your lessons learned
All the choices that you've made
All the bridges that you didn't mean to burn
Scared and young, but still you should've stayed

When you feel trapped just to be you
You feel rejected and so low
When no one wants to even see you
And you're dejected and alone


When you want to hide your face in shame
When you feel you're the only one to blame
Moment of fear when you're afraid you'll let down
Moment of truth when you're back on the ground


They can't reach you where you are...

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