Changing Seasons

December 28, 2010
Sweet apple autumn
Dappled by leaves
Darkened by endless shadows
Of weeping willow trees
Silver lake water
Chill walks the air
The earth turns from emerald
To yellow so fair
Ice licks the grass
Poplars flame like a spark
Reaching hands, gaping mouths
Leer out of the dark
Cold winter wind
Will you leave me be
As I stare out over
The corpse of a tree
Whirling winter nights
Bloom like a rose flower
Stars shine like coals
Above the ice crystal shower
Snow showers down
Tears cry on the windshield
White quilt of winter
Never will yield
I stand watching the leaves
Turn auburn and red
November not yet here
Winter breath still in its bed
I wait for the snow
And the blossom of the sky
And the white crystals falling
In autumn, I sigh.

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sadie912 said...
Jan. 10, 2011 at 5:54 am
this is gorgeous ! great detail dear .
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