Sail Away

December 15, 2010
By LoveIsTheMovement BRONZE, Lynden, Washington
LoveIsTheMovement BRONZE, Lynden, Washington
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Verse 1:
You may not think I'm capable
Little did you know that storm was a symbol
Of all the hurt inside my soul
Of everything that you control

Every raindrop that fell was a tear streaming down my face
Every lightning that struck was me screaming to get out of this place

I'll write all that I'm holding in
Put it in a bottle, then toss it in the ocean
Let the waves crash
And the current draw it back
To where it will never be seen again
Sail away, all that I'm feelin

Verse 2:
You tell me to talk, but I won't talk
Only He has the key to the heart that's been locked
What I speak you can't determine
What I think you can't examine

If only I could numb the pain that you're causing
If only i could say goodbye to everything I'm losing
(repeat chorus)

This paper and the sky are the only ones that listen
God please help me, my emotions may be winning
I don't wanna feel this away again
Sail away, all that I'm feelin
(repeat chorus)

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