Somewhat of an Apology

December 19, 2010
By Anonymous

I think it's safe to say that words will lose their meaning after a while,
I've been trying to inch along, and after every mile I realize,
I'm crawling the wrong way...

Do you know what it feels like to be empty? To find meaning in not one?

And here I go - I'm pretending my life has not begun,
And look how many years I've spent trying to repent, but suddenly I've realized: I finally see all the lying in my own eyes.

I can't fix it. And there's no point in asking you. I'll only break the promise once again. I really don't need to hurt you.

Chorus: So I'll just lay here with my face down in the pillow, And let the tears roll in with the coming night. 'Cause you and I both know as soon as the sunlight appears over that willow, I'll be looking brighter, my smile is getting tighter, My tears become much bigger, you've really found a winner! I'm just glad I can't see the sadness in your eyes. would break my heart

So know I write by candle light,
My bones a frozen with a frost so cold, This is really getting old...

It hate to see a day in which I can't hear your voice again, but I fear it's drawing too near.
And the horrid fact is... it's by my own choice.


So I apologize.

The author's comments:
"Bahhh! Humbug!"

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