Doubt. Assurance

December 15, 2010
By Anonymous

When I'm drowning and gasping for air
I admit I do get scared
Because I know I'm not worthy of you saving me
But you always do and whisper 'just believe'
Why do you want anything to do with me?
I'm a liar, I'm a cheater, and I'm just too weak
I rebel, I reject, I keep to myself
Why should I get up if I just fell?

It amazes me how much you love
You keep your arms open more than enough
I know the truth, I know you're King
But why do you want a mess up like me?

I hear a voice that says 'you're mine'
I see a life that ends in light
I wanna take that road, all the way to the end
Where I crawl in your arms and finally get a friend

Oh my Lord, have you seen my past
When all I saw was pitch black
I was so lost I didn't know
Where I was going or how to be shown
Please don't look at my face, it's full of mistakes
Don't look at my heart, it's full of scars
I'm not something to be proud of, yet you want me
I wonder what it'd feel like to have complete peace

My wrists are bleeding, can you make it stop?
Everything needs healing after I've been shot
I'm sick of burning, I'm sick of hurting
All I want is you
Someone to get me through

Everyone is searching for love
Everyone is searching for trust
Everyone is searching for hope
No one wants to be alone

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