lost love well

December 12, 2010
By JukeJake BRONZE, Kimball, Minnesota
JukeJake BRONZE, Kimball, Minnesota
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I'm not sure if this is a lost cause
but i know i want it off pause
its not going anywhere.
sometimes i stop and stare
at the pictures
of me running my hands
through your hair.
it makes me scared

and unhappy,
i miss the times when you had me.
when i had you.
its so cliche, but we were stuck like glue
i never thought anything could be so true
i just wish you would know, how real i am.
i know i messed up. i let go of your hand.
then i fell, deep inside the lost love well.

the lost love well is hell
it makes me sad and it makes me dwell
on all the memories, of you with me
or me with you
nothing is stronger than my love for you.
i promise that's true.

Ann, you mean the world to me.
opened my mind to all different kinds
of feelings
especially love
i kicked out the drugs
no more bugs crawling in my head
you were there when i was sick in bed
were you an illusion?
because now your gone
so i sit and write all of my songs
about the memories i had,
before i drifted away
i left you
i was lost
you were lost in dismay when you heard me say

how could i watch you cry? how could i end the phrase " i love you, your mine"
how could i do the things i did.
we almost had kids,
how could i walk away
act like it was all just another day
feelings pushed aside
hit the pipe and the bottle
i often cried.

now i feel dead inside
i know you do to.
the glue seal is broke
on my tears i choke
i work on our love
i try to clear the smoke
so deep inside
i call it the lost love well

its hard to climb out of what i fell

as i said im dead inside
so ill continue to write every god damn song
about how i got lost
and how i know i was wrong.

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