The Tide

December 14, 2010
By Anonymous

I could see it once, now it's gone.
Once so clear now endlessly lost.
Alone I remain, left behind torn
to be by these waves, pulled and tossed.
Still striving, I'm counting the cost,
of patiently waiting for the breaking dawn.

I hear the sea of despair still roaring
while I search for hope now out of sight.
Will anyone hear me anxiously calling?
Help me towards that fading glimmer of light?
Afraid, I'm letting go and slowly falling
And there suddenly, hope reappears bright.

With great joy I head towards the shore
resounding that melodious victory song.
Refusing to give momentary doubt another door
I'm moving down the path that seemed so long.
Remembering the many times I've landed here before
I'm heading home for rest of which I desperately long.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by a time of doubt that I went through recently. I felt like no one could hear me and the tides were sweeping me in. I want readers to understand that these things happen in life, but its only for a comes in the morning!

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