A New Place

December 2, 2010
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In a new place
Being seen as the new face
To feel alone in a place that’s loud
And feeling trapped in a large crowd
You’re the one that’s going slow
In a place that has a faster paced flow
At a major crossing road in your life
Just wanting to take a knife
And carve your own destiny
Yet being held back by Uncertainty
How rude of Him to hold you down
And rule your life as you wear a frown
But you’re no quitter
You’re a fighter
You laugh in His face as if He’s a joke
A new sensation has awoke
This is something big and grand
It gives you courage to shake some hands
Meet some new people
Learn how to mingle
No longer the new kid on the block
Having found the key to the lock
That opens up the sacred box
This new find is Courage
It helps with the unwanted slippage
To Shame, Uncertainty, or Fear
No longer shall they leer
They have no place in your heart
Having pierced them with a dart
I’ve seen them far too long
And repeatedly they have done me wrong
So say farewell and bid your adieus
They have nothing to gain and can only lose

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