Caeleys Song

December 7, 2010
By herbanpoet SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
herbanpoet SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
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With her blue eyes and short black hair
girls angry because all the boys stare
for someone that beautiful not to be mine just isnt fair
shes not the kinda girl that wears a skirt with no underwear
shes beautiful nothing could be more truthful
but she isnt full of herself
I wish everyday that she stays in good health
you can tell by her looks she takes care of herself
I say good night I love you I will see you in the morning
her smile shines like sunshine
shes got this thing about her
life just is not life without her
she can be a little feisty though
Especially when girls call her a hoe
she s got a pitchfork in her room she willll tear ya to pieces and sweep it all up with a broom
when I hear her voice everyone around me can here my heart booming
I dream about her laughing and loving on the 101 cruising
I could never imagine losing Baby Cae
if it were up to me we would chill everyday
just hold her in my arms and tell her everything is going to be okay
I tell her beware guys your age are just trying to get laid
But I know she s smarter than that and I love her for that and I tell her everyday that I love her
no matter what kinda stress that I am under
she smiles at me and the ground shakes from the thunder that I call her love
this girl is an angel from up above
where are you from
heaven yeah I know
I want you there with me always at my shows in the front row
I want to make you proud
someone like you stands out in a crowd
monday through friday I wait for her to come home so that I can be like ET and phone her home
I promise I will never leave you
never be alone
we be in the love zone
brother and sister for ever
will this love ever fade never
we will always be happy growing old together
see you walking down the aisle your all grown up
I will be sitting in the front with tears in my eyes
thinking about all the good times we have had as you pass me by
like your future husband I take a vow I will love you till the day that I die
But hold on we got to take life one step at a time but I cannot help but wonder what place is our relationship
do you realize right now that my life could never be better
I am thinking about it as I write this letter
your like the sun setting
remember all the ones that care surrounding you
that time when we fought for that whole week i was feeling blue
I cannot stop talking about how much i love you
I wish i was there when you were little doing things like teaching you how to tie your shoe
thats one of the few things that I regret
with my heart I made a bet that I love her unconditionally
baby girl I hope that your taking me seriously
I express myself lyrically and cheerfully because I am thinking of you
I love you my baby boo
just think together all the things we can do
I would fall to pieces if I ever lost you
everyday boo hooing
but who am I fooling
I would give my life for you
save you from the reaper protecting you from the creepers
call me on my cell when your about to cry
sometimes life is going to be hard I am not gonna lie
I want you to know your uncles in heaven
death baby cae is just a life lesson
he knows you love him
he knows that you care
I wanna hug u and hold you like a teddy bear
I hope right now u got a smile on your face
I love you baby cae angel from God
I hope i can record this one day so you can listen to it on your ipod
once again I am going talk about love it started out just as a small see pod
but now it has grown into a beautiful tree
its so big that everyone can see
I want you to know it was all true
I really am that good to you
I wanna say this one thing before the end of my rhyme
I love you until the end of time

The author's comments:
I love her so much. I am sorry Caeley

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