The Japanese Vase

December 5, 2010
By Mansamusa BRONZE, Palo Alto, California
Mansamusa BRONZE, Palo Alto, California
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I once knew a lady, a gorgeous sexy lady
With rough scaly skin and back full of acne
As I stared at her body through a slit in her dress
All I could think was you dress to impress
When she sung slowly, with a voice oh so cooley
That rough scaly skin turned straight into ivory
And since, this woman, I viewed from afar
Could have convinced me she was the North Star

On the shores of Japan lives a lonely artist
Who put his life work into one single pot
Elegant, curvy and perfect this vase is
Until he takes a knife to scar up her face
I now know a girl who is also this vase
Though she can’t sing she simply conquers space
And I long to run my hands over her scars
The imperfections that make her a star

Her legs are quite bumpy but that is ok
Because the skin her face is the opposite way
And her feet are gnarled like the roots of an oak
But that makes her eyes burn, glitter and smoke
Everyone around me called her a goddess
But when she crossed my path I hardly noticed
We became friends, we danced to similar set lists
I followed that pink wig which came from Texas

Call her a goddess but you would be wrong
It is her imperfections that inspired this song
We got quite close me and that star did
But as suns often do she ignited a spark
My limited moves and overt machinations
Did not make that star wish to join constellations
I stood on a mountain surrounded in flame
Watching that star struggle with one she couldn’t claim

Some say she’s unstable and I know that’s the case
But I’m so deranged I slapped this poem in your face
She has found peace in her turbulent seas
While I scratch furiously at the smallest of fleas
Her secret resides in Buddhist meditation
I read pages of knowledge and did annotate them
She has sexual urges which can’t be contained
Sadly, I know nothing of fluid exchange

Unfortunately friendship cannot be maintained
After affection infects a person’s brain
I could feel goblins scratching at my heart and liver
As those flames slowly consumed what I had with her
It might sound to you as if I am in love
I am not, I gravitate towards stars above
What’s best for me is to look away from the sky
Because I see her star and I must ask myself why?

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