December 8, 2010
By LuvrandFighter SILVER, Mount Pleasant, Texas
LuvrandFighter SILVER, Mount Pleasant, Texas
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Deep in the back of my mind, is a figure. He is the face of time, when I sleep. A stranger with no ears, no nose or a mouth , I get a look that is a pout. And he stepped out of the shadows, shadows, shadows. As I stepped into a battle, battle, battle. He screamed at me with a shout, how could you leave me out. I never meant to make you cry, I never meant to lie.

I see the future of my breaking heart, heart. I know I cant love but you were my start, my start. You [tear me/shake] me up and you [break me/take me] down You Take me by the mouth.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about a dude I saw.

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