Long Live

December 8, 2010
By bricheese23 SILVER, Tucson, Arizona
bricheese23 SILVER, Tucson, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"Live like your at the bottom, even if your a the top" - Nick Jonas

I still remember that moment
When you smiled at me
It was like the whole world was in harmony
Than you waved quietly
You went of your way to open the door for me
That's a real man should do
And that's why I won't let go of you

Do you realize I'm falling
Falling hard for you
You think that nobody could ever love you
But no one has ever seen you the way I do

I hope the night shines when there's me and you
The stars will dance at sight of what you do
That made me fall for you
I hope you see all that you've done for me
And when the sun comes up
You'll fill my cup
Long Live, this love that you and I share
Oh please say that you care

I wanna sneak out and meet you
In the corner of our first dance
Don't ever we can't
Hold your head up high
People will say that we will never be
But they don't matter at all
They don't know how hard you made me fall

When the lights go down, make sure that I'm around
I won't ever leave you
When this love is true
You are just so amazing, you make me wanna sing

(Repeat Chorus)

This love is all the magic we made
We belong together
We're like a bright light just waiting to shine
Long live, the night sky
That is making us fly
Long live, me and you

(Repeat Chorus)

Long Live, don't let the magic go away
Think about us every single day

The author's comments:
Song writing is my escape and this song is my feelings toward any guy that I've fallen for. Not just one, but all. Thank for making me fall, but you didn't catch me

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