Goodmornign Sun

November 13, 2010
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Happy clouds fill the sky
Blind hearted fools
fill the Earth
My home falling apart
at the seams

Daddy say a prayer
for me
I'll pray for you

I want a castle
I want a cottage
come home to me
Make it rain.
And if I smile!
Hello World!
Hello Earth!
Goodmorning Sun
Oh, goodmorning sun

Goodbye clouds
that fill the sky
Darkened days
may pass me by!
Today and tomorrow(x2)

Forget me to Love!
For all time
you make it move
Lord! hello....

[go to Chorus]

Blessed be the shaken.
Give the ground to stand.
Wings to fly on
know me Lord
I'll know you now

And gifts for the brokem
take my breath
steal you mine heart
For now
oh, for now.

[go to chorus]

I will fall
Every time
I will fall
Help me Pleas!
Please, please

Smile for the sun
let the morning come
if the rain falls
then i know I'll breath
Again! oh

[go to chorus]

So open and exposed
With broken wings
I'll fly to you

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