Thank God

December 1, 2010
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I’m sittin’ here alone
‘Cause you just left me
I’m not sure what to do
There is so many things
That I can’t make up my mind
But now that you’re gone
There’s one thing to say
Thank God

Thank God you’re gone
I’ve been prayin’ this
Day would come
I can finally feel
What it’s like to be free
Now I can live my life
When you walked out my door
I couldn’t help but say
As you drove away
Thank God

I get up, and get my keys
And with a smile, put on my jacket
And head out the door
It’s finally time
For this single guy
To see this whole world
‘Cause now that you’re gone
I can go wherever I please
Thank God

Chorus 1x

Now my phone’s ringin’
And it’s you callin’
You say you’re sorry
That you didn’t mean what you said
And you wanna come home
I say “The best thing
That’s ever happened to me
Is you walkin’ out my door”
Thank God

Chorus 1x

Yeah, Thank God that
We’re done

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