Take Me Back

November 30, 2010
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I’m sittin’ all alone tonight
In this lonely motel room
Dreaming about you again
You are always on my mind
And I don’t think that
You will ever go away
I thought I could
Live without you
But I was wrong

Now I’m staring
At my phone
Thinkin’ about calling you
To see if you’ll
Take me back
‘Cause I miss you bad

I’m so sorry girl
What I did was wrong
I know that now
Please take me back
It’s killin’ me to
Live without you
I can’t take much more of this
Please take me back

So I pick up the phone
And dial that familiar number
After three rings I
Heard your recorded voice
All I say is
Please take me back
And then I hung up

I’ll stare at the phone
All night long
In hope that you will
Call me back

Chorus 1x

My phone is ringing now
And I smile
For the first time in
A long time
I hope it’s you calling
To take me back

Chorus 1x

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