Stay Away

November 30, 2010
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I’m sittin’ by the water
And the sun’s
Hitting it just right
It’s a beautiful day
And I hope it
Never ends
‘Cause I’d rather be here
Than at work any day
I pull my cap
Over my eyes
And just relax

‘Cause I’m sittin’ here
In my favorite chair
With an old ball cap
My fishing rod
And a cold drink
My phone’s turned off
‘Cause I’m occupied
I’m fishing the day away
And if you’re smart
You’ll stay away

I take a drink
And relax some more
I’m so happy
‘Cause I get to
Do this all day
I feel my pole jerk
And a smile appears
On my face
Thank God for
The weekend

Chorus 1x

And when the sun
Starts to go down
I’ll get out a sleeping bag
And sleep under the stars
I’ll enjoy the
Time I have
‘Cause it’s back to work
Monday morning
But then it won’t be long
Before I’ll be back
Fishing and Relaxing again

Chorus 1x

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