Honor Vs Shame

November 23, 2010
By SomeWhereMaybeFound BRONZE, Bettendorf, Iowa
SomeWhereMaybeFound BRONZE, Bettendorf, Iowa
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i've been hanging by a wire
i've been hanging by a thread
all the frightend faces that i
have seen and wont forget
im filled with honor
but overrun by shame
things begun to turn around
but not not before they fall to hit the ground
truth and lies are far from the same
lights are flashing with sound and blame
you ask if i regret
i say no and try to forget
the door was left wide open
and has yet to close
i cant belive you left me when i needed you most

i cant believe your gone..

half the world away
split by the ocean
the sounds of war is my only commotion
you seem real close but way to far
i love you more than the moon and stars

The author's comments:
A man in the military realizes what war really is.

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