The Boy Who Lost His Angel

November 23, 2010
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A single tear runs down his cheek; Helplessly, he watches nearby
Mommy’s crying on the kitchen floor, Daddy came home tonight
He stumbles to the door, as he slams it shut; Silence fills the air
The only sound comes from her weeping eyes, Sorrow seeping from her tears
The little boy climbed onto her lap, As they rocked into the night
He whispered, Mommy, I love you; He was just a little boy
Daddy’s gone, but the pain still remains, Mommy won’t ever forget
The little boy has grown up now, But his heart is filled with hate
Too afraid to let anyone in, He locked himself away
He threw the key as far as he could, He hoped it impossible to find
One night, as he knelt to pray; He cried out, where is God?
He looked up and an angel appeared; She whispered, He’s right here in your heart
She looked into his aching eyes; And held him tight with love
He looked down as she unlocked his heart; She had the key all along
But love was something he never knew, The boy was afraid to trust
He pushed the angel away and cried, I don’t need anyone’s help
With a broken heart, the angel wept, She had wished for him the best
But the boy strayed away from the light, And went down the wrong path
The angel returned to her place in the clouds, And watched over the boy from above
She hoped one day the boy would have faith, So she could give him wings to fly

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