Perfect Storm

November 27, 2010
By Anonymous

I should’ve seen the signs as they started appearing
Should’ve heard everything the world was saying
But I closed my eyes, covered my ears
Put on a smile and forgot my fears
Now I’m standing in a perfect storm

The wind keeps blowin’ the summer heat
The rain falls fast in a steady beat
Lightning strikes right before my eyes
And thunder roars high in the sky

Yeah it’s a storm of love and a storm of hate
A storm of peace and a storm of rage
A storm that’s full of emptiness
And a storm that’s powered by the thought of you

The thought of what you did to me
Thought of what I couldn’t see
I tried to close my mind from it
Tried hard to forget
All the things you did
All the lies you said

But I still you bright as day
Sill hear all the words that you say
Just as the wind keeps blowin’
And the rain keeps fallin’
As the lighting flashes
And the thunder crashes


It’s a perfect storm from a work of art
A perfect storm with tears from my heart
A perfect storm you could read from book
A perfect storm, just take a look


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