November 25, 2010
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From the first time
You smiled at me
I knew that my
Life would be changed forever
‘Cause you’ve been through
All kinds of pain
That I could never imagine
My heart aches
Seeing you in all that pain
And I know that
I was gonna do
Anything and everything
To help you

When you smile
All the pain and worries
Go far away
I don’t know how you can smile
‘Cause of all the pain you go through
But the Lord is so good
And it’s because of him
You can face the next day
So, no matter what comes your way
Just smile

Everytime you smile
I know that
God’s still here
He’s never gonna
Give up on you
‘Cause he loves you so
He loves it when you smile
And so do I
So go ahead and
Give another smile

Chorus 1x

Our Lord has taken
Away all of our sins
So now we can live with him
In heaven for eternity
And that is a great reason
To smile

Chorus 1x

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megpie000 said...
Jan. 30, 2011 at 10:28 pm
I really loved this song! I liked how you said God loves to see you smile cause its so true!  I also liked this song cause whenever someone I care 'bout is upset or sad I tell them to smile cause it will make them feel better and thats what it reminded me of...anyways this was a really beautiful song!
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