We Will Meet Again

November 24, 2010
I can’t remember you
I don’t know how I do the things I do
You were the one I never met
Now the sun refuses to set
I’m gonna see you soon
And we will dance upon the moon

We’ll be together one day
And I’ll say all the things I need to say
And we will run away
In my life
There is stress and strife
But I’ll be in heaven holding your hand
I will meet every demand
And that is the day we will meet again

I know I’m different now
But we are alike somehow
It may be appearance
Because our eyes are the only difference
I know looks can be deceiving
But seeing your face will be relieving

When I finally reach the top
I will not stop
I’ll wrap my arms around you
Because it was long overdue
And my heart will ache within
Because I finally got to meet my twin

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