Don't Stop The Music ( Part 2)

November 20, 2010

So after the kiss stopped,
She took me to the limo which I thought was going to be a quick pit stop.
We hoped into the back seat,
And her top dropped.
But the music didn't stop,
It still played in our mind.
I said baby maybe we should wait.
She said now way this is the right place and time.
While we're both in the moment,
You just have to grab it and own it.
What's wrong don't you want it.
I said look into my eyes,
I'm not those other guys,
That need to see you with your clothes off to realize you're a queen.
You're a goddess in my dreams,
Like a nightmare I scream,
When you're gone,
So put your clothes on.
And we can take a walk,
Or we can sit here and we can talk.

So we laid there and I held her in my arms,
Let her know how warm,
It feels,
To have somebody the is real,
On your side.
And how beautiful she is on the out and the iniside.
And how much of my heart she has.
I told her 100% and she just laughed,
And said that's bad.
You should have somebody else in you heart besides me,
What about you family.
I just said you're all I need.
Then she smiled and rubbed her hand on my cheek.
And I started laughing like a geek.
And she said that's so sweet.
How you're so in to me.
And right now I'm feeling so happy and truly blessed.
I'm thinking about her and not caring about the rest.
Body on me and we're pressed,
Chest to chest.
I told her I'll give you my sole until I have nothing left.
She said that's not a good idea.
Because that would push me to death.
Because a world with out you,
Gives me no reason to breathe another breath.
Because all of you,
And I don't want nothing less.
I said yes.
I will do just that.
While rubbing her back,
And twisting it into a braid,
And in my brain,
I'm thing that I don't want this moment to fade.
Because the girl that I'm with is making every thing great.
I've been in love since grade eight,
And I swear it must be faith,
Because everything is ok.
When you

Don;t stop the music,
Don't stop the music,
Just let us dance the night away.

Tell the DJ keep it grooving,
And we will me moving.
Don't let this moment fade away.

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on Dec. 10 2010 at 7:54 pm
Masterpiece21 DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
Doubt is the beginning, not the end, of wisdom

I loved Part 1, but this is brilliant! Truly amazing and so honest.


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