Forever In My Heart

November 21, 2010
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Forever In My Heart

Mom, your forever in my heart
might be in Egypt but in spirit well never be apart ,
Just a couple days ago you had to depart,
didn’t show emotions because I cant,
its still hard to face the facts,
still I wonder, but its hard to ask,
my whole world set to crash,
started the fire with a little match,
and watch my whole world burn to ash,
mom I love you, please help me with these tasks,
if you cant take me with you,
foreal I cant help but miss you,
I wish I could see you
every time your brought up,
my voice cracks and gets rough to,
it remind me of you I remember all of your love
Right after the fights,
You cant tell me you don’t remember those nights,
but sometimes I swear I see you through the fog,
and I blink again, but your gone,
open my eyes then your beside me,
like my minds playing games with me,
your here a second, and gone with the pain of crying,
it hurts so much I cant stop crying,
they all ask me if im okay,
I say yeah but im really lying,
wish I was flying,
but I keep looking back,
7 days have passed, missing you each and everyday,
thinking if I made you happy till that day,
wishing you could’ve stayed,
but this is what God wrote for me and I have no say,
deep down inside,
it hurts me more when I cry, still wishing I could fly,
fly away and try to find you,
then I can say im sorry for what I made.
Sorry for what I have done,
all I want is for you to accept me as your son.
I know your going through hard times
don’t make it even slip through your mind,
for real, DON’T EVER CRY,
you got me from the start
Mom, Your forever in my heart!

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deliciouslytacky This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Dec. 10, 2010 at 8:01 pm
This. is. amazing. Truly, I relate to this so much. Your honesty really touched my heart. Brilliant.
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