Tube socks are walkin on my grave

November 20, 2010
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Tube socks are walkin on my grave, oh(x4)
Tube socks are walkin all over me! Yea

I guess I have to believe it
Even if I cant conceive it
Cause a thump, thump,
[Thumpthump, thump. (x2)]

With the tube socks
Awalkin on my grave
And the stars their atalkin
Bout my day
Why don’t you, take a swim in the bay
I hear its nice and warm on
Summer days.

Theres a song that is
Stuck in my head
But its in
The language of the dead
And I only got a B- and I’ve
Never taken latin
Or been to a cemetery before

[go to chorus]

Remember the time
We flew to the moon
Kissed until noon
Defeated the marshins
and saved the world

Or when your Hamster
Decided to grow fins and
Be a fish
While you were at summer camp

[Go to Chorus]

So now we’ll
Swim across the Atlantic
Ocean and Love
For all eternity
Cause Roses, are bloomin
And you know how I love

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