November 20, 2010
By , centralia, WA
No emotion
Let go
Of opinion
Running from life
Lock up your soul

The air is harsh
So do not breath
The ground is hard
So sit down

Empty sunlight
Fade away
And fall from despair
Filling up with
Empty thoughts
Black Eminem’s
Gray society

Clear raindrops fallin down
Low songs crawl on,
The ground
And squares line the corner.

Caught in the middle of
of never-ending winter
cold and bitter, sweet.

[go to chorus]

No music to fill the air
And love, falls, through
The cracks

Stuck by the sigh
Of an unfinished line
Let Jesus tears fall

[go to Chorus]

Light be banished
To the nether-lands
Running from the sound
Of your heart break
And the bell chimes nine
But your hollow

Keep your imagination
Don’t let you thoughts go astray
Swallow the scream
Let go of your dream
Bury your heart
By the light of day
[Go to Chorus]

And then your bible
Has fallen underneath the bed

The grayness comes
To swallow you
And a rainbow like
A dying heartbeat, inside
Grab hold and don’t let go

Those who forget the past
Are doomed!

Let your path be consumed
And then you riding
On angels feet.

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