Disappeared Lyrics ( Freestyle )

November 20, 2010

A lot of people say I'm not goin make it in this game,
And it might be the truth,
They say you got to talk about fame,
And chains when you're in the booth.
Nobody cares about how the world changed besides you,
And those same fans that came,
Is goin be the same lames that you lose.
Are you confused,
These days,
Only songs that gets played,
Is songs with disappeared lyrics.
We don't care about what you're saying,
Just the beat we are hearing,
And if your beat isn't near it,
You can forget about your lyrics,
Because your songs is goin be disappearing.
So if you want to make it you will have to go mainstream,
And forget about your Martin Luther King dreams.
And start spittin,
About how your rims spinnin,
On your ride,
And forget about your feelings inside,
You can hide that,
Cause if your start spittin that crap,
We goin ride that.
You need to come back to reality,
Do you need a ride back.

I understand where you are coming at,
But rappers these days is just spittin crap,
Hip hop didn't die,
It just left,
And I'm bout to make it come back.
I'm just spittin facts,
On wax,
So y'all can see,
And believe,
That The lyrics in songs,
Is not strong,
And some is even not there,
Cause most of them is gone.
I'm trying to help you find when did hip hop go wrong.
It's when people start wanting to be hearin,
Songs with disappear lyrics.

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