November 15, 2010
when i'm depressed, my heart is crushed, so compressed
all because of my feelings(these feelings) for you, (so stuck inside)
everything i feel is new,(have i felt this before), never felt this before
not something i want to hide, i think this is
verse 1:
i have no clue of what you would say, but i can't forget today, or i'll miss my chance, a chance for romance
and yet every time i try my voice
nothing is spoken, beyond my choice
but it can't be locked forever
(no) that forbidden word is, "never"
i don't want it to stay deep inside leaving my heart so compressed from everything i hide
i never want to let it out, to hear what i want i doubt, so i keep it locked
away, never for my mouth to say duck tape works so well to stop the words
i don't want to tell but silver's a useful change to the golden
silence ever so broken, every moment my heart has spoken
my heart wants to explode too much inside for it to hold
i'm claustrophobic
so depressed that my heart has become so compressed
i'm agoraphobic so tight inside, afraid of letting feelings show
ClaustroAgoraphobia, it's ClaustroAgoraphobia

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