Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear

November 13, 2010
My brown eyes reflect back through the alternate reality,
which lays heavy with the fog,
encompassing all that I know is a lie.
If you're so close then why do I seem
so, so far away?

Around the corner, so much to look forward to,
at least that's what they tell me.
Just when you believe you've got it all together
your bones collapse beneath you
and your spirit is washed away with the torrent
of unforseen catastrophe.

If you're so close then why do you seem
so,so far out of reach?
If you're so close then why do I feel
so,so far away?

Take an introspective glance in the mirror,
or an extrospective look at my footsteps,
I'm learning, it's true
I'm learning (that's a lie).

If you're so close, if you're so close--
just when you thought you had it all together,
you collapsed.

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