True Love

November 7, 2010
Verse 1:
The first time I saw you, I fell so far
When we talked for hours, sitting on my car
Talking, laughing, falling more in love
The smiles we had with the stars above
No other place that I would rather be
Then staring at you looking back at me

Verse 2:
When you're in my arms, I know you're the girl
When you kiss me, I don't have a care in the world
I'm floating, flying with my feet on the ground
That's how I feel when you are around

It's the feeling that you're starving but you can't eat
Your heart is so fast, you can see it beat
You look for a friend in everyone and everywhere
But the girl you want, doesn't even care
It's the actions that count, not what's spoken
That's how you feel when you get your heart broken

Verse 3:
I'm sitting here writing with this last try
Trying to keep this from being goodbye
You're standing around, in your hand is a knife
Trying to cut me right out of your life
It's 3 A.M. and I can't fall asleep
Unless I know that you're here and you're mine to keep

Cause I'm starving all alone but I can't eat
My heart is so fast, I can see it beat
I look for a friend in everyone and everywhere
But the girl I want, doesn't even care
It's my actions that count, but also what's spoken
That's how I feel since I got my heart broken


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