Never Gonna Let You Go

November 8, 2010
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Whoa, oh. Well I'm never gonna be the same. It doesn't work that way. I should've never played the game. But that's my mistake.
Whoa, oh. I'm never gonna let you go. I'm dying inside, you know. Whoa, oh. I'm sorry that I let you win. I regret ever letting you in.
Whoa, oh. I bet you think that I don't care. I bet you think my smile's the real, deal.
No, I don't think you even care. Where were you when you said you'd be there? I don't really think you care.
I'm never gonna let you go, no. I can't believe I let you in... I let it happen again. I'm dying inside, you know. You don't even seem to care. Well I care.
Whoa. I bet you think my tears are just for show. I bet you don't even know... I've been losing sleep; I can't even breathe.
I bet you would never believe, how much I love you. I bet you can't even see, what it is for you that I do...
Whoa, oh. I'm nothing without you. You wouldn't believe the bad things I've been trying to do, all to get over you.
I'm never gonna let you go. I'll stay dead inside, I won't let it show. You're happy without me, I know. So I'll pretend to let you go.

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