Looks like its over,so im startin over

November 7, 2010
I dry...the tears from my face..
I try....to get back in my place..
I know how it is..
We dont know were we are...

&& wear we stand...
&& who we love?
what we are..
&& who weve become!
what were made of!
Pure distruction!!
what we fall for?
is sum of that lovin....

Let me tell you somthing....

Looks like its over!!!
&& Im startin over!!!
I know were over
Looks like its over!!
&& Im startin over!!
Brand new key,
thats fine with me..
closer 2 over<3


verse 2-
I might stubble past this rocky climb,
couple cuts && brisies I'll be fine...
IM sure..
that well get better...
Cuz im sure..I'll keep writen letters..
2 let me know what to do..
&& to let me know what 2 say..
Cuz i'll be ready..
when im done with my days...
Cuz one day....we'll seeeee.


verse 3-

The breath I take...I inhale it so deep..
that sumtimes I wonder If I have lungs inside of me...
I can barley talk....I cant see things so clearly..
&& I dont know whats going on....expect that Im brand new
open me..
see threw me..
I promise well be fi fi fineeeee agin..
My friend..


Looks like it over..
&& im startin over.....
got my bags packed...&& my things..
Moved out of your heart...&& into brand new place..
were I call my home...Inside my heart..
Its been awhile.....since Ive heard it stop..
Cuz it looked like im over......The edge...
agin...my friend...
so im startin over....
On brand new page<3

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