Already Taken

November 4, 2010
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Already Taken

When she first smiled
At me
My heart skipped
More than one beat
I thought it was
Love at first sight
So I got up the nerve
To go talk to her
But then I saw him
And me and my heart
Sank back into my chair
He had his arm around you
And I knew you were taken

I felt so high
Thinkin’ that it was true love
But the next second
I felt lower than
Anything and everything
I can’t believe that
This is happening to me
‘Cause I’m falling in love
With somebody
Who’s already taken

Everytime you talk to me
I feel like I could fly
But then he comes by
And you leave with him
Then I crash land
And my heart breaks again
It hurts everytime
I see you
I wanna just forget
About you
But I don’t wanna forget

Chorus 1x

No matter how much
It hurts
It feels so much better
When you’re around
And who knows
Maybe someday
You’ll be mine

Chorus 1x

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