I call it hell

November 3, 2010
That’s it
Im done with hiding
Im sick of lying
I can’t take this time
I can’t take this fine

I can’t take your bite
I can’t take your fight
Chew me up and spit me out
Imma shout
Raise this roof
With the anger you give me
With the strength you took
Imma raise this roof
Imma take what you took
And find you a new life
A new person
A new victim

Im done with your stories
Im done with your lies
Just look at me and realize
You’re not helping yourself
You’re hurting yourself.
Losing me.
Losing us.
Imma bite you back
Its time for me to take
You by the foot
And drag you to the end of the hall way
Claw at your fake
Tear off the make up
Im done
This I shall make

When im done with you
My tears will be dry
My life will be settled
Cause its 11:11
And baby
All I wish for is you to find your way
Back to your heaven
I call hell.

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