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October 30, 2010
By IizShmo SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
IizShmo SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
my quote would be one i made
"time solves all problems, your friends help solve problems. Find your true friends who will be patient with you."
- Sam Quintana

Smile , ill make you smile, ill be your heart for a while.
Im just a dude, giving you lows and highs
My hope filled with tries. my heart sorrows and sighs
I go to sleep hoping for a better tomorrow,
i want to go back to the day
where you heard me say i love you.
Strange, you cant love, what is love?
Why can't we be, forever and eternity just you and me
explore the world and all the possibility
ill give to you, a feeling.
Impossible, ill be yours, one human being
any sweet song listen and ill sing,
My brittle bones, broken on the floor
I could never tell why you left
and you could not tell me there was nothing left
I saw the future, you know so and i understand
It happened so fast you had to go.
you don't know you don't understand.
togather we were perfect. hand in hand
a special couple, reduced to nothing
a special bond, reduced to Cussing.

For a moment i knew i had you
You prove to me time and time again
im lonley and need a friend
but i want you and you're all i need
your hunger for rejection time to feed.

I don’t think I can deal with just maybe
Seein you with all them dudes it drives me crazy
Thinking back now I wouldn’t think itd be
That youd ever go for a kinda brotha like me
We used to sneak out to the forrest
Watchin close makin sure that nobody would see
I go back everyday because I miss it
How our names are still carved in that old oak tree
I knew you so damn well I knew your cravings
Our love was so strong our love was just raging
I never believed when you said you aint fakin
Talking bout that love and care its always no fee
I repeated time and time baby girl I tried
Even though all you saw was I lusted and lied
You said some hurtful things that got my tounge tied
I think that’s the only time that I ever cried
You talk to all your girlfriends and chose their side
You call me that night say you aint on this ride
You aint know but I kept all my feelings inside
Now everytime I call I just get denied

You say its you not me
so we can never be
For a moment i knew i had you
for a moment i had you.
And thats all that matters.

The author's comments:
Me and my friend Marcus, were writing to relate to the crowd or audience. Maybe reach out to them, and explain our past.

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