Those Tin Days

October 28, 2010
By Spilt_Ink BRONZE, Westfield, New Jersey
Spilt_Ink BRONZE, Westfield, New Jersey
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You said it was so easy
For us to be friends
You said it so yourself that day
Then why is this the end?

You never ever talk to me
You seem so mechanical
Then when I try, as I my, to catch your eye
You never fail to gaze away.

Look at me...
It’s safe to say that there’s no
Happy ending.

I just can’t tell...
Do you think know me well because,
You’ll never know me, not this way.

But please, don’t talk to me now
It’s just communication
Who cares if words can’t write themselves
Seems we need some separation.

Well, I just think that’s great, that’s fine,
Oh, what I wouldn’t give...
You’re wrenching out my ticktocking gear,
Don’t you know I need to live?


Bridge: And I just wanted to say
No, I just wanted to unbolt my box
It’s how you make me want to break out of my tin shell

Oh we just need some oiling up
So please, just lend me your oiling can
And we’ll break the mold, whatever we’re in

I said it was so easy
For us to be friends
I said it so myself that day
Now this can’t certainly be the end.

I have one more verse left
And I need to just get through it
But this rapid, almost pulse like feel is
Making it harder not to ruin-it

Look at me...
It’s safe to say that oo
We’re rusted.

Now I can tell...
You think you know me well, because
You’ve always known me.

Ooooo, those tin... days.

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