Her Song

October 31, 2010
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If i believe that he would bring us together again,
someone would call it blissful thinking.
But if it ever happened they'd see the fringe of all that's good.
And make a wish that would end all suffering...

It's not hard to see what would catch my attention.
Fixated and beautiful, avid attraction.
Carve her name in my soul.
Then her perfume caught my attention.
Its the pheromone of all that is good and whole.
Yes your beautiful, but that's not it.
You possess a side that can't be explained in words.
I can only feel it within you when i hold you in my arms and sleep fast through the night.
Your my spirit of love.

Love is not my feeling.
Love is my addiction,
Some love it in their veins
some love it in their heart
some love it in the darkness
where they don't feel the eyes on them making them fall apart
Love for me is something completely different.
It's those little things,
when you stay up on the phone with me
How you kiss me when I'm blue
drinking our favorite drink
Singing corny love songs in our forever dreaming heads
and talking about our forgotten past that will always be forever and ever back then.
But it's like there's no way you could ever truly be in my grasp.
Your beautiful face is too good to be true but when i hear those three short words
my heart whispers back in a yell
I love you.

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