The broken heart ballad

October 31, 2010
By MelanieElizabeth_18 GOLD, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
MelanieElizabeth_18 GOLD, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
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"No sacrifice, No victory."

Ive learned to live and let die, but theres always a peice of you inside that cant always say goodbye.
Trust me Ive tried.
Been there done that a million times
My teacher told me the other day sometimes Its good to cry
But my response to her was not when its over spilt milk
Are you going hunting?
Ready? Aim. Fire. My hearts the kill.

There has to be something inside of every girl to keep her going.
Her body keeps moving but her mind stays put.
Its like a shotgun slumber,
Trying your hardest to fall asleep,
But how can you while the roads moving underneath your feet?
Theres many cures to a good heartbreak,
but the witches warned me that there hard to make.

Music coincides my evil mind,
Im torn apart the only thing steady in my life are the crys.
Yes, they visit me every night.

Theres something missing in my smile,
That evil sexy smirk hasnt been seen in a while.
That twinkle in my eyes?
Where did you go?
Like stars shining ever so brightly in the moonlight sky,
Screaming for attention.
Attention? Whats that?
I havent gotten much of attention lately.
Goodbye attention.
Goodbye my good intentions.
This breakup had left my heart with a huge indention.

The author's comments:
The hurt inspires me,
Everything happens for a reason,
And I truly believe hurt had been brought into my life for me to write about.
Tell me what you think?
Thanks (:

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