a boys dream

October 30, 2010
By , Anaheim, CA
I came Straight from the bottom to the top
Now I'm resting on this cloud
And Im never gonna stop
With this flow that I posses
Thank god that Im blessed
And when the sun come up
I illuminate this stage up
I must confess
This is just Beautiful bliss
Wrecked this track up
Stitched it back up
Spotlight is on, but is your time to shine
Little boy on the curb
Life your head up, pump them fist up
This is your time
Let this breeze of this rhyme
Let it flow like the wind blow
Let it go
Let the show go on
this is the dream
Mama told me I could make it
And I think this is it
So here I go
All of them lights is flashing
It's just them stars falling
So let's just all unite and be
Be the wind that blows
Be the river that flows
Be that incredible
Be rhyme and the beat and the snare and the bass
See how beautiful this sound can be
I wana be that free spirit
This feel good music is what I breath
It's what I life for and see
This is for the people of my city
The dream of that lil boy
Trying to make it out of nothing
Just be patient wait for that somethng
believe and u can make your dream

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