October 20, 2010
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my life is a puzzle
the edges of the pieces are jagged
beat up
tattered and torn
they don't fit together anymore

my life is a puzzle
i have no idea
i need
some kind of guide or clue
how it's supposed to be or what to do

my life is a puzzle
this is difficult, so frustrating
i hate this!
it's getting on my nerves
is this what i deserve?

i don't like this!
at all----
my life!
this puzzle
it's never ending, condescending, pending, bending, so heartrending
it's hated, faded, complicated, i'm so frustrated

my life is a puzzle
all the pieces are mismatched
i hate that
they're different and new
they won't mix now i have to choose

my life is a puzzle
all the pieces were altered
(with) changed in every way
it doesn't feel the same

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