Losing Faith

October 26, 2010
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Going through life
Thinking you were on my side
Following the path of light
Bright mind and doey eyed.

I never had a chance to see
Too young to not believe
So sure of everything
Everything you were to me.

I wanna feel you,
see you, breathe you.
I wanna touch you,
read you, need you.

Chorus: Heaven forbid I say too much
And scare me off.
No! I'll say it all.

When I was on my knees
Bloody and wounded
Crying out for comfort,
Where were you when I needed you most?

It took me too long to realize
You were hearing my voice
Loud and clear
But you just weren't listening.

I can't feel you,
see you, breathe you.
I can't touch you,
read you, but still need you.


Bridge: They told me you were here
They told me you were there
But I found out you were nowhere,
Nowhere to be found.


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