Hiding in Sight

October 18, 2010
By , Boxborough, MA
Feel the mid day traffic running over your tail
Crave the saddened songs of great orca whales
Watch the autumn leaves flying right through the skin
Miss the way the snout used to cut through the wind

Hear your lost brothers howling your out-lived name
Tell your new found clansmen of old glory and fame
Feel the mind and body spinning out of align
Dream of jagged bone shooting up from your spine

Interlocking feathers and fire and fur
Ancient memories into this quilt transfer
Hiding underneath it so to fend of the night
While hiding our secrets right in front of their sight

Smell the freshly drawn blood of forgotten prey
Dam it from spilling into modern day
Ponder why creation chose us to mistake
Question our humanity as we lie awake

Interlocking feathers and fire and fur
Ancient tragedies into this quilt transfer
Sprawling phantom wings right in their eyes
While our unwanted burdens keep the perfect disguise

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